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Episode Summary

The intro meeting is the lifeblood of an advisory business.

That 30-60 minute window with a complete stranger is either the most expensive or the most profitable activity you’ll ever engage in.

Yet, I kept hearing advisors complain about these meetings. They would say things like:

-“I never like the way I feel during those meetings.”

-“There has to be a better way.”

-“What I’ve been taught doesn’t work the way I thought it would.”

Since this show began, we’ve had some of the industry’s top experts join the show to talk about meeting with prospects, intro meetings, communication strategies, etc.

So, I went back and listened to those conversations and compiled the best clips into this episode.

It’s a collection of the best insights and wisdom over the last three years of this show to help you conduct the ultimate intro meeting.


The Ultimate Intro Meeting: Effortlessly Qualify and Convert Prospects in 30 Minutes Without Being Salesy

Episode 6: Bringing Behavior To Life In Financial Planning with Neil Bage

Episode 11: An Evidence-Based Approach To Winning Prospects and Influencing Clients with Evan Beach

Episode 34: Evidence-Based Methods To Seamlessly Convert Prospects Into Clients with Dan Solin

Episode 47: Crafting A Values-Driven Process To Attract & Acquire Ideal Clients with Bill Bachrach

Episode 57: The Trust Forumla: How To Consistently Build Trust With Clients And Prospects with Mary Schmid

Episode 64: A Comfortable Approach To Turn Prospects Into Clients Without Being Salesy with Nancy Bleeke

Episode 76: Emotionally-Compelling Conversations To Fast-Track Trust and Likability with Deirdre Van Nest



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