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Episode Summary

If you work directly with clients and/or prospects, there’s something you HAVE to understand.

You’re in sales.

You’re always trying to get someone to do what’s best for them. Something they otherwise might not do.

Let me explain.

Suppose you’re meeting with a prospect.

Someone whose situation is tailor-made for your expertise.

You’re certain in your ability to genuinely improve their finances and transform their lives (because you’ve done it for countless others just like them).

But you can’t help them if they don’t become a client.

In fact, they’ll likely be worse off if they don’t start working with you!

And, like it or not, what you do in that meeting always results in one of two things:

  1. Makes them more likely to become a client
  2. Makes them less likely to become a client

Therefore, the prospect’s financial livelihood hinges on your “sales” ability.

But, it’s not just prospects. You owe it to your clients to hone your sales skills, as well.

Ultimately, a financial plan is useless in the absence of execution. 

And, research shows that most clients fall well short of 100% implementation of advice.

In that situation, your client’s financial success hinges on your “sales” ability.

On your ability to help them do the things they need to do to accomplish their financial goals.

Think of it as “influence”, “persuasion”, “convincing”, etc.

They all come back to a central theme of getting someone to do something they otherwise might not do.

Fortunately, Nancy Bleeke teaches advisors an approach that comfortably guides clients and prospects to making a comfortable decision.

No pressure. No convincing. No “salesy” feel.


Things You’ll Learn

  • Why an “anti-sales” mindset is harmful to both clients and prospects
  • How you earn the right to uncover important information
  • The WIIFT structure for the conversation
  • The 4-Point Framework for prospect meetings
  • Advisor’s biggest competition (and why it’s not other advisors)
  • The downside to finding and focusing on a client’s pain point
  • Why “ghosting” happens and how to fix it
  • Why you shouldn’t ask “What keeps you up at night?”
  • “Rightsizing” your services to exactly what the prospect wants and needs
  • Why prospects need hope more than they need information
  • How advisors devalue their services when explaining them
  • How to close the meeting without being salesy
  • The problem with asking “Does that make sense?”
  • Reframing “objections” and a better way to handle them when they come up

About Nancy Bleeke

Nancy Bleeke is the founder and president of Sales Pro Insider, Inc., a company that focuses on providing sales solutions to those who never thought they’d be in sales, and the author of Conversations That Sell.

Through her Genuine® branded training modules, she guides financial professionals to fill their funnel, convert prospects efficiently, and retain clients with a comfortable, collaborative approach.

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