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Episode Summary

The quality of your conversations is dictated by the quality of the questions you ask.

Simply asking more questions is effective, but there’s an art to asking questions that get better answers.

In other words, more important than WHAT you ask is HOW you ask it.

In this episode, you’ll learn 8 secrets to asking great questions that get great answers on the path to transforming your relationships.

Time Stamps

00:00 – Introduction to the importance of asking questions
00:39 – Importance of follow-up in financial planning
04:09 – Importance of how questions are asked, not just the quantity
10:06 – Importance of question sequence for conversational flow
12:43 – Using 3E questions to create conversational flow
15:16 – The power of follow-up questions in conversations
18:47 – Reframing questions to invite information
20:25 – Pre-framing questions for context
22:33 – The impact of genuine curiosity in asking questions
26:29 – Embracing sensitive questions for better conversations
29:51 – The importance of listening in conjunction with asking questions


  • “Good conversation takes planning.” – (00:08:19)

  • “The key to understanding people lies in the follow-up question.” – (00:15:26)

  • “A great question without great listening is no longer a great question.” – (00:34:08)

  • “Courage is a conversational superpower.” – (00:33:03)

  • “The quality of your conversations is dictated by the quality of the questions that you ask.” – (00:36:45)

  • “If you can ask better questions, you’re going to get better answers.” – (00:36:56)

  • “Not only will you have better conversations, you’ll be able to cultivate even better relationships with your clients and your prospects.” – (00:36:56)


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