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Episode Summary

Imagine you have a meeting with a prospective client tomorrow.

Someone you’ve never talked with about their finances before.

Maybe they came as a referral from a current client, an inquiry from the website, or a friend-of-a-friend that you’ve known for years.

The prospective client walks in with three questions lingering in their mind:

  1. Do I like you?
  2. Do I trust you?
  3. Do I feel confident you can solve my problem or deliver my outcome?

And, while the vast majority of advisors know how to answer questions about the inner workings of the tax code, very few know how to answer these three questions.

In fact, most advisors make a huge mistake in their first meeting with a prospective client.

It’s no secret that people buy on emotion and justify with logic.

Yet, most advisors lead with logic instead of emotion.

That’s why it’s critical for people to not just GET your message. They must FEEL your message. Without that, no one is buying anything.

As Deirdre Van Nest says, “We have to get prospects out of their head and into their hearts.”

But how do you do that? You learn to communicate in an emotionally-compelling way.

Emotionally-compelling communication accelerates trust, likability, and connection.

It allows you to create a level of trust and likability in 3 minutes that would normally take 3 meetings (or even 3 years).

And once you can do that, you’ll seamlessly convert more prospects into life-long clients and you’ll do it in less time.

Fortunately, Deirdre Van Nest trains advisors around the world on the secrets to communicating in an emotionally-compelling way that gets prospects out of their heads and into their hearts. 

Things You’ll Learn

  • The biggest myth holding advisors back in their business
  • Keys to making yourself relatable in the first conversation with a prospective client
  • Importance of understanding the “Come From” in an initial prospect meeting
  • Why the purpose of the first meeting should NOT be determining fit (and what it should be)
  • A “superpower” to get prospects and clients to make decisions faster
  • Why you should send a video in advance of your first prospect meeting
  • What your goal should be for the first 10-15 minutes of the conversation
  • Getting prospects to open up in a first meeting by “flipping the script”
  • Importance of a “Why” story to explain why you do what you do
  • The magical question to ask at the beginning of the initial meeting
  • The mistake most advisors make that takes clients out of their heart and into their head
  • Three stories every advisor needs in their toolkit
  • How to package your service offering to more effectively communicate how you help clients

About Deirdre Van Nest

Deirdre Van Nest is a top-rated international Keynoter, Speaking Coach, Story Strategist, and the founder of Crazy Good Talks; a company devoted to helping financial professionals and entrepreneurs fast-track their Know, Like, and Trust Factor so they get to the “YES!” quicker.

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