Plans and pie charts don’t change lives.

People do.

For financial advisors who recognize that their real value lies at the intersection of financial planning and the human side of advice.

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The future of financial advice is evolving.

The real value of an advisor no longer lies in the ability to build a plan and portfolio. It’s the ability to build trust and connection with clients, unearth their values and emotions around money, and get them to actually follow through on your advice.

A realm of the relationship called the human side of money.

If you want to master the human side of money, but you’re discouraged with the lack of resources on how to effectively integrate it into your practice on a daily basis, you’re not alone.

Instead of more information and research, we deliver practical tips and strategies to seamlessly incorporate into every aspect of your business.

Delivered through articles, podcasts, and monthly emails, we equip you with everything you need to master the human side of money, generate better outcome for clients, and forever change the trajectory of your advisory business.

— Brendan Frazier, Wired Planning Founder

The Human Side of Money Podcast

Top 6 Episodes

What Our Listeners Are Saying

Pure Gold

Easily the greatest podcast on behavioral finance I’ve ever heard. Changing the industry in ways it needs to go.


My New Favorite Professional Podcast

This podcast is a must-listen for financial planners. Behavioral finance is a vital part of financial planning as evidenced by the CFP® adding the new module to their exam.


Each Episode Is A Must-Listen

I had downloaded specific episodes that I wanted to listen to, but each episode has been so good with valuable takeaways that I’m going back to the beginning and listening to all of them!

Maggie Klokkenga

Not Your Average Financial Advice Podcast

This has become must-listen for me as a financial planner. Brendan is facilitating unique and interesting conversations with an amazing guest list.

Shaun E., CFP®

This Is The Podcast Advisors Cannot Afford To Miss

Advisors with a drive to attract and retain the client base they want simply cannot afford to miss this podcast!

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