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Episode Summary

There’s a critical mistake made by almost every advisor around the world every single day.

We focus more on the plan than the person.

More on what we do than what they need.

Our natural approach is plan-centric. Meanwhile, the industry is shifting towards human-first financial guidance.

How do we know?

Ross Marino has been a financial advisor for 30+ years. He’s experienced just about every transition our industry has been through.

Most of these transitions come and go without much change day-to-day.

But, Ross says this shift towards human-first financial guidance is different.

So much different, that he decided to change almost everything in his firm, even though he’s been successfully working with clients for 30+ years.

He began to shift his own mindset and his firm’s approach to focus on human-first financial guidance.

And, now he’s not only building a firm that specializes in human-first financial guidance. He’s one of the most prominent voices in the industry leading this shift towards human-first financial guidance.

In this episode, he tells us why he embraced the shift towards human-first financial guidance and a process to apply it every day with clients and prospects.

Things You’ll Learn

  • A sure-fire way to know you’re a great listener
  • The “staple question” that should start every meeting
  • Breaking down a real client conversation using the 4 questions
  • A simple word-for-word script to set up “Re-Discovery” Meetings
  • The two questions he’s going to ask in his “Re-Discovery” Meetings
  • The way he intentionally structures his questions for better answers
  • The Transitus Process™: 4 questions to create deeper conversations
  • Why the profession is shifting towards human-first financial guidance
  • Why he decided to do “Re-Discovery Meetings” with every current client
  • How to ignite motivation within clients so they seamlessly follow through

About Ross Marino, CFP®, CeFT®

Ross Marino, a financial advisor for 30+ years. is an author, social entrepreneur, and founder of Transitus Wealth Partners, a fee-only financial planning firm specializing in human-first financial guidance ™.  He also founded Advisor2x (A2X), a professional development company for financial advisors. A2X hosts the Shift Conference for financial planners who value the psychology of financial planning and the Wealth@Wor(k) conference for 401(k) advisors. 

He hosts over 50 podcast/YouTube shows each year and recently published his first book with co-author Susan Bradley: Shaping Change – How to Respond When Life Disrupts Your Retirement Plans.

Ross has been married for over 30 years, has two wonderful children, and shares his home with multiple pets that live to be served by humans.

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