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Episode Summary

Everything changed during the FPA Retreat in Cheyenne County, Colorado in 1995.

A presentation was given that generated a buzz around the entire conference.

So much buzz that the presentation was given again the next day to a standing-room-only crowd! 

The exact same presentation two days in a row. And not one empty seat to be had.

What was so different about this presentation?

It was George Kinder and Dick Wagner presenting on the human side of advice.

Up to that point, the focus of these gatherings, conferences and presentations was the continued honing of technical knowledge.

But, every single advisor and planner at the conference knew that their job required more than flawless financial planning techniques and estate planning strategies.

It also required embracing the human dimension. Yet, it had never truly been acknowledged until George Kinder and Dick Wagner brought it into the light that day.

Dave Yeske was in attendance for both sessions and said that day was a turning point for the human dimension within financial advice.

It also forever shaped the way he interacted with clients and prospects.

From developing a mantra to focus on the human dimension, to various discovery exercises, to a specific way to deliver financial planning recommendations…

It all stemmed from that one meeting in Cheyenne County, Colorado in 1995.

To this day, his firm Yeske Buie, embraces the idea of helping their clients “Live Big®” by focusing more on the size of their life than the size of their wallets.

In this conversation, he describes exactly what it was like to be at that 1995 meeting and details how Yeske Buie helps clients define their “Live Big®” life.®

Things You’ll Learn

  • The 1995 meeting he attended that shifted the focus toward the human side
  • Why focusing on the human dimension is one of the top challenges facing the industry the next 5 years
  • How their firm focuses more on their mantra to the human dimension rather than the tools they use
  • “What’s the story?” – The question he asks to help move clients towards their ideal life
  • How Yeske Buie chose to help clients focus on the size of their life rather than the size of their wallets
  • The “Live Big Ideas” list that Yeske Buie used to focus clients on non-financial ways to enhance their lives
  • The importance of asking “why” to help clients uncover what they actually want
  • How Dave helped clients uncover their ideal life by combining mind-mapping and the Kinder questions
  • The “Life Transitions” and “Financial Satisfaction” surveys they use from Money Quotient
  • “Connecting the Dots”: A script for connecting recommendations directly to what matters to the client
  • A sign that a prospect or client truly understands the point you’re attempting to get across

About Dave Yeske

Dave holds a doctorate in finance from Golden Gate University, as well as an M.A. in Economics and a B.S. in Applied  Economics from the University of San Francisco. He has been practicing financial planning since 1990. 

Dave is a past Chair of the Financial Planning Association (US) (FPA) and has been named a top advisor by Bloomberg  Wealth Manager*. He has been quoted in national media including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Businessweek,  Newsweek, USA Today, Investors Business Daily, San Francisco Chronicle, and The Journal of Financial Planning. Dave has appeared on CBS, CNBC, CNN and NBC News. Dave and the Yeske Buie approach to investing were profiled in the Wall  Street Journal in 2009 and Dave was again profiled in the Wall Street Journal in 2010 on “The Science of Financial Advising.”  In 2019, Dave was recognized by InvestmentNews as one of the most influential people in helping to shape the financial  planning profession*.

He’s also received FPA’s Heart of Financial Planning award in 2011 and the P. Kemp Fain, Jr. Award in 2017, which is the Financial Planning profession’s lifetime achievement award.

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