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Episode Summary

Libby Greiwe was at a crossroads.

Her advisory business was demanding too much of her. Too many hours, too much stress, too much overwhelm.

She had to do something different.

She decided she was only going to work 3 days per week and sat down to map out her model week to make that happen.

At which point, she quickly realized that getting the same amount of work done in less time would require her to create systems and processes that made her more efficient.

And, that’s what she did.

Only there was one problem.

Up to this point in her career, she knew the secret sauce to her success was the the human-to-human connection she was able to consistently create with clients and prospects.

And, she didn’t want her focus on efficiency to take away from that.

She knew that she couldn’t let her pursuit of efficiency dilute the impact of human-to-human connection.

So, she did what she does best. She created systems and processes to scale the human-to-human connection.

She intentionally “baked in” human connection at each step of her business.

And, in the process, she was able to build and run a $1 million revenue practice built solely on referrals while only working 3 days per week.

Libby was able to become more efficient AND more human at the same time.

In this episode, she reveals the exact systems she built to scale the human-to-human connection throughout her advisory business.

Things You’ll Learn

  • Why a “Model Week” is the #1 thing she would teach every advisor
  • Keys to drafting a model week to do more and work less
  • The power and importance of asking “How do I want my clients to feel?”
  • How to design and structure a meeting to account for how you want clients to feel
  • An example of how an advisor re-wrote an email to create more connection
  • A simple way to improve prospect meetings with your pre-meeting email
  • The crucial psychological shift she made from “Guru” to “Sherpa”
  • How an “Ideal Client Avatar” humanizes communication and connection
  • The “Client Intel Sheet” to collect and store important personal info
  • The “Difficulty/Impact Scale” to maximize efficiency and impact

About Libby Greiwe, ChFC, RICP, FIC

Libby Greiwe is currently the founder of The Efficient Advisor and the host of The Efficient Advisor podcast where she helps financial advisors create systems and processes to work less, get out  of overwhelm, and build a business and life that they love.

This comes after she grew her own practice to $1 million in revenue while working just 25 hours per week through the use of step-by-step systems and processes.

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