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Episode Summary

When a prospective client walks through the door, the ability to turn them into a life-long client boils down to the ability to do two things:

  1. Create trust and likability
  2. Uncover personal, sensitive information

If you’re unable to do both of those things, then they won’t become a client.

And nothing else matters because you can’t use your technical knowledge if the prospective client doesn’t move forward.

Your exquisite, intimate knowledge of the tax code that will save them hundreds of thousands of dollars?

It’s useless.

And, when you want to know how to improve your skill set to create trust and likeability while uncovering personal and sensitive information, you start by looking to the professions where their livelihood hinges on the ability to do those two things.

Hostage negotiators, therapists, coaches, and others have to develop the skills to do these two things, otherwise, they’re extinct.

What’s their primary tool? Asking great questions.

Once you can enhance your questions and elevate your conversations, you’ll have no problem converting prospects into life-long clients.

In this episode I’ll share:

  • The research confirming the power of questions to build trust and elicit information
  • The “3E Questions” that create conversational flow
  • How to use follow-up questions to open the floodgates to the conversation
  • How to structure your questions to encourage a better response


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