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Episode Summary

Financial planning for one person is hard. Financial planning for two people (couples) is another level.

Every advisor remembers sitting in a meeting with a couple where one person is engaged and the other hasn’t said a word.

And you wonder, “What are they thinking over there? Should I force them into this conversation?”

Or the meeting with the couple whose goals aren’t aligned.

One partner wants to leave all of their money to their kids. The other spouse only wants to leave a small amount so they aren’t spoiled.

Or one partner wants to prioritize saving for their retirement and the other one wants to fully fund their child’s education and worry about retirement later.

Of course, while working with couples certainly has its challenges, it’s also an opportunity for advisors to help couples align and thrive financially.

But, doing so requires knowing the skills you need to navigate the dynamics of working with couples and money.

Fortunately, Ashley Quamme specializes in this area and has been working with couples and their money for years.

In this episode, she’s going to crack the code to getting both partners engaged and on the same page so they can thrive together financially.

Things You’ll Learn

  • Her favorite question to help couples get “unstuck”
  • How to use “Relationship Maps” when working with couples
  • An effective way to make sure both partners are fully dialed-in
  • How to set the expectations for both partners to talk and engage
  • What to do with couples who aren’t on the same page with their goals
  • The “Think.Feel.Do” process that takes your meetings to the next level
  • What she considers the most powerful thing advisors can do for couples
  • The 3 factors that contribute to couples not on the same page with their goals
  • Questions to ask couples to assess their financial relationship (without being intrusive)
  • How a fractional financial behavior officer helps advisors master the human side of advice

About Ashley Quamme, LMFT, FBS®, CFT-I™

Ashley Quamme is the owner and founder of Beyond The Plan™, where she offers Fractional Financial Behavior Officer services to advisory firms and provides them the tools and strategies necessary to navigate the complexities of financial psychology and communication practices.

She’s also a Financial Behavior Specialist®, a speaker, and with a background in marriage and family therapy, she specializes in financial therapy with couples.

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