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Great job. Your presentation really got me thinking especially about effective communication and offering more air time with clients.
Hank Bullinger, Bullinger Wealth Management
Brendan brings an energy and engaging style that’s hard to find, paired with a message that advisors in all corners of the world need to hear. His presentation at the largest global financial planning conference in 2021 was a massive hit, inspiring us all to take this profession to the next level.
Katie Braden, Founder & CEO of Innovating Advice
I have been an advisor for 30 years and have participated in seminars, webinars, online learning, etc. The more experience I have, the harder it is to find interesting and usable content. But Brendan has nailed it.
Marc Daner, Wells Fargo Advisors
The most all-encompassing talk on behavioural finance, strategies for improving client decision-making, and just fundamentally explaining how to deal with any money decision.
Principles Personal Finance