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Episode Summary:

Technology is a familiar foe to the profession of financial advice.

With Charles Schwab, Bank of America, and others announcing their plans to offer free financial planning software to the masses, the industry continues to inch closer and closer to the commoditization of our technical expertise.

The reality is that constructing a financial plan and building a portfolio will soon be available at a lower cost, in less time, and with less mistakes than working with a financial advisor.

This brings up some familiar questions:

  • What does this mean for the role of a financial advisor in the future?
  • Should I expect fees to compress and revenue to drop?
  • How do I add enough value to justify higher fees?

And, maybe most importantly, “What can I do to forever insulate my value from the continued threat of technology?”

In this solo episode, Brendan tells a story from the chess world and the lessons we can learn to:

  1. Forever insulate our value from further technological disruption
  2. Embrace technology to raise advice to a level we’ve never seen before


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