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Episode Summary

The year is 2005.

Josh Gilliam was at the point in his financial advisory career that most advisors dream of…

The point when you realize you’re making more money than you’ve ever made before.

And you’re actually going to make it in this business.

Only, there was one problem.

While 99% of advisors feel joy and relief at this point, Josh felt something completely different.

He felt unfulfilled.

He wondered how he was going to go the rest of his career simply helping people make more money for the sake of building wealth.

And that’s when his eyes were opened to the human side of advice.

He realized that he wasn’t just helping people make more money. He could help them align their money to fund the things that are most important in their lives.

Thus, he set out to research, read, digest, and learn everything he could about behavioral finance, psychology, and communication. He was seeking to master the human side of advice.

But, what he found was exactly what most advisors find along this journey:

  • There is no textbook on ways to get a stranger to open up about personal issues
  • Asking someone about their values and purpose in life can be awkward
  • The questions he asked his clients didn’t land the way he envisioned
  • He had some great conversations but couldn’t make it happen in every meeting

So, he began what he called his “trial-and-error” approach.

He would test and experiment with different ideas, tactics and questions.

And, then, he’d learn and iterate.

18 years later, he admits it’s still a work in progress.

But, he took what he learned and created the [Fi] Life Framework.

A framework that he uses to facilitate better conversations and connections with clients and prospects.

A process he can use to create a consistently remarkable human experience throughout his practice.

Things You’ll Learn

  • How he decides what information to have clients fill out at the beginning of the relationship
  • The [Fi] Self Profile: A tool for learning more about a client’s financial beliefs and history
  • How helping a client learn about their past created a relationship-altering conversation
  • The [Fi] Life Big Decision App: A tool to guide clients towards making better decisions
  • Why the human side of advice will provide a natural boost to client testimonials
  • Why it’s important to have clients document their decision-making process

About Josh Gilliam

Josh Gilliam is the founder, Chief Visionary officer, and financial planner at Gilliam Mease Advisors.

He’s also the creator of the [Fi] Life Framework. After spending years and years refining and honing different ways to implement the human side of advice in a more consistent way, Josh finally boiled it down to this framework that he uses with all of his clients and prospects to deliver a more consistent human experience.

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