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Episode Summary

Plant the same flower in two different environments, and you’ll get two different results.

Plant one in the rockiest soil of Antartica and you’ll get a completely different flower than the one planted in the fertile soil of Carlsbad, CA. One will wither and the other will thrive.

The same thing goes for applying the human side of advice in your practice, process, and conversations.

Two advisors can embed the same ideas in their practice, process, and conversations with completely different results.

For advisors, the soil is their mindset.

Until you understand, internalize, and embrace the principles at the core of the human side…you’ll never fully get there.

For the vast majority of advisors, their soil (or their mindset) is more like Antartica than Carlsbad.

It requires a re-programming of many things you’ve been instructed to believe. It requires a mindset shift that transforms the way you approach your practice and your clients.

If that sounds daunting, don’t worry. I’ve distilled it into 9 guiding principles.

Once you’ve fully embraced and internalized these 9 principles, you’ll be on the path to mastering the human side of advice in a way that very few advisors ever have and ever will.

Things You’ll Learn

  • The importance of focusing less on “what” clients want
  • What clients actually want and how to communicate to that
  • What prospects actually need and how to deliver
  • Why there’s no such thing as an irrational decision
  • Why your process should go from life to money


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