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Episode Summary

In the field of healthcare, client outcomes and satisfaction are directly correlated to the doctor’s “bedside manner.”

The same holds true for client outcomes and satisfaction in financial planning and advice.

According to research, the #1 thing prospects look for in a financial advisor is “Interpersonal Skills.”






Furthermore, more research confirms what we all know about trust.

High levels of trust lead to:

  • More satisfaction
  • More referrals
  • More likely to consolidate assets

But knowing these things are true and knowing what to do about it are two different things.

What are the key interpersonal skills to develop? And how do you go about honing those skills?

Fortunately, Dr. Jim Grubman built and designed programs where he helped financial advisors do just that.

Things You’ll Learn

  • Why courage is a conversational superpower
  • The importance of asking questions you DON’T know the answer to
  • The two essential communication skills every advisor needs
  • Learning to detect when your clients are sending emotional “signals” to go deeper
  • The biggest communication mistake that almost every advisor makes
  • The different “levels” of conversation
  • Examples of common jargon we need to eliminate
  • An exercise he teaches to break the tendency to ramble
  • The power of affirming client questions
  • How to insulate your value from the commoditization of financial planning
  • “Immigrants and Natives” – how your origin to wealth shapes everything you do with money

About Dr. Jim Grubman

Jim Grubman is an internationally recognized consultant to families of wealth, family enterprises, and the advisors who serve them. His work with clients at many levels of affluence – from the “millionaire next door” to The Forbes 400 – has earned him a global reputation for thought leadership within the field.

Whether facilitating a family meeting or training advisors in the complexities of wealth, he draws on his deep knowledge of psychology, family dynamics, and family business, with specialty interests in trusts and estates law and family governance.

His goal: to help integrate life and wealth for the benefit of the family and society.

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