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Episode Summary

Imagine pulling up your calendar for tomorrow morning. 

You see a meeting scheduled with a prospect.

But not just any prospect.

This is THE ideal client for your business.

The type of client who immediately goes to the top of your “A-List.”

The type of client you would clone 50 times if you could.

Now, with that meeting in mind, answer these 4 questions:

On a scale from 1-10, how confident are you that…

1) Your meeting will result in the prospect walking out of your office, sitting in their car and saying to their spouse, “That’s the single best conversation I’ve ever had around money.”?

2) Your meeting will move the “trust dial” to a point that they trust you more than any advisor they’ve ever met with?

3) Your meeting will help clarify their most deeply-held values and closely-held goals?

4) Your meeting will create an emotional connection beyond the numbers that turns a prospect into a life-long client?


If you answered less than “10” on all four questions, you’re not alone.

And, it’s not your fault.

In fact, if you’re like most, you’ve probably looked up “the best questions to ask prospects in a first meeting.”

You’ve likely picked up ideas listening to podcasts with advisors explaining how they conduct their meetings.

You’ve implemented the tips and tricks you gathered from talking with fellow advisors.

But, it still feels like there’s something missing. 

It hasn’t quite clicked.

In this episode, we explain why that’s the case.

More importantly, we’ll break down the four pillars of the ultimate discovery meeting.

The four different things you have to master if you want to conduct and deliver the ultimate discovery meeting that seamlessly converts prospects into life-long clients.

Things You’ll Learn

  • How to master your mindset and win the mental battle
  • The keys to prep your clients for a successful and engaging meeting
  • Three things you have to know in order to nail the meeting
  • Two ideas for wrapping up the meeting that makes clients feel heard


The Ultimate Discovery Meeting



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