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Episode Summary

Every single person that works with people and their money has experienced “the moment.”

The moment when you think to yourself, “I feel more like a therapist than a financial advisor.”

Here’s the other version: “I would be better off with a degree in psychology than a degree in finance.”

It’s when you realize it’s about more than constructing plans and portfolios. It requires deconstructing thoughts, feelings, emotions, and values.

When you realize it’s not just about accumulating more money. It’s about aligning money with what’s most important in your clients’ lives.

When you realize it’s not just about telling someone what to do. It’s about getting them to actually do it.

When you realize that your client’s success and your own success has more to do with what goes on in their mind than the amount of knowledge stored up in your own.

“The Moment” shows up in a variety of ways.

It’s the client who sells out during a market downturn despite your best efforts to convince them otherwise.

Or the retired couple who have more money than they could ever spend yet still refuse to entertain another vacation or spend their afternoons scouring for coupons.

Or the parents who you advised to start saving $500/month to fund their child’s education and haven’t even contributed a dollar.

“The moment” is different for everybody.

But, what happens after “the moment” is universal.

The realization that none of your trainings, designations, or certifications prepared you for this.

You can calculate and explain the merits of a Roth conversion with the best of them.

But, how do you actually help clients peacefully navigate a plummeting market without making a decision that will derail their future?

That requires moving beyond numbers and spreadsheets and into the human side of money.

It’s a completely different skill set. One that most advisors simply don’t have. And one most readily admit they don’t know where to begin.

Almost two years ago, I launched The Human Side of Money podcast to help bridge this gap for financial advisors and planners.

I’ve now recorded 50+ episodes with fellow advisors and some of the brightest minds in behavior, psychology, communication and money.

After recently publishing the 50th episode of the podcast, I’ve boiled down countless hours of information into the 10 ideas and insights every advisor needs to know.


Episode 33:  Values-Based Financial Advice That Works In Real Life with Natalie Taylor

Episode 31: A 5-Step Planning Process For Syncing Emotional And Financial Well-Being with Amy Mullen

Episode 39: A Masterclass In Mastering The Human Side of Advice with Carl Richards

Episode 47: Crafting A Values-Driven Process To Attract And Acquire Ideal Clients with Bill Bachrach

Episode 49: Leveraging The Superpower Of Questions To Create Connection And Clarity with Meghaan Lurtz

Episode 10: Improving Client Behavior By Bridging The Gap Between Your Current And Future Self with Meghaan Lurtz

Episode 53: The Psychology of Decision-Making in Financial Planning with Hal Hershfield

Episode 46: Defining “Enough” and “Off The Balance Sheet” Conversations with Jeremy Walter

Episode 11: An Evidence-Based Approach To Winning Prospects And Influencing Clients with Evan Beach

Episode 45: Designing A Discovery Process To Maximize Return On Life with Mitch Anthony

Episode 43: Pursuing Limitless Growth By Focusing On Mindset Over Methods with Stephanie Bogan

Episode 7: How To Explore Client’s Emotions, Beliefs, and Behaviors with Catherine Morgan

Episode 30: Exploring The Mindsets And Motivations Driving Money Decisions with Rachel Cruze

Episode 14: The Importance Of Giving Advice That Sticks with Moira Somers



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