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Episode Summary

“Money can’t find a purpose, but money can fund a purpose.” – Mitch Anthony

The best conversations with clients and prospective clients have two things in common:

  1. They create trust and connection with the person that allows them to open up and freely share with you information they likely have never shared with anyone else
  2. They unearth and yield valuable information and stories about the person (both personal and financial) that provides the insights you need to help them align their money with the life they want to live

But, these conversations don’t just happen.

They require the advisor to create the connection where someone feels safe enough to share.

They require the skill to be able to ask the right questions in a way that deduces the information you need.

They require the communication skills to convey complex topics into understandable language that the person can understand.

Most importantly, they place the life of the client at the center of the conversation. 

But, once you create a discovery process that naturally creates a connection with the other person and encourages them to open up and reveal what’s most important in their lives, you can deliver what every client truly desires: a better return on life.

Fortunately, Mitch Anthony’s expertise is providing advisors with the processes, resources, and communication skills they need to do just that. In this episode, he shares how to do that by focusing on using stories and analogies, asking great questions, and focusing on transitions rather than goals.

Things You’ll Learn

  • Why the industry looks at retirement all wrong
  • The best way to motivate someone to save more money
  • A communication skill that the best communicators of all time use
  • The most natural way to get someone to tell you their story
  • His favorite question to get someone to open up and make a connection (and when it’s appropriate to ask)
  • The “EAR” method for asking questions that elicit the best responses
  • Why transitions are more important than goals in the financial planning process

About Mitch Anthony

Mitch Anthony has been creating innovating discovery approaches for the advisor community for more than two decades.  He’s credited with created “Financial Life Planning”, “Return On Life”, and “Life-Centered Planning.” He’s also written over 18 books including Storytelling For Financial Advisors, The New Retirementality, and Your Clients for Life.

Along with Steve Sanduski, he founded ROL Advisor, a coaching community that is helping practices transform into Life-Centered Planning firms, and the Retirement Coaching Program, a program equipping advisors with the skills to help clients navigate modern retirement. 

Along with Paul Armson, he launched, a platform designed to educate and inspire life-centered planners.

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