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Episode Summary

Think back to the last time you sat down to map out the goals and vision you have for your advisory business.

You start by analyzing and evaluating where the business stands as of today.

Next, you likely launched into a hope-infused exercise of outlining your goals and vision for what you want the business to be.

Things like:

  • Ideal Client Profile
  • The number of new clients you want to bring on this year
  • The retention rate you want to hit with your current clients
  • The amount of revenue and profit you want
  • The amount of AUM you hope to add

And, now, you have a gap.

A gap that stands between where you are and where you want to be.

Most advisors will immediately embark on filling this gap by constructing a plan (after all, that’s what we do for clients!) for bridging the gap filled with strategy, methods, and tactics.

Things like:

  • Create a client service calendar
  • Host quarterly client appreciation events
  • Hire a new paraplanner to free up time

And so on.

But, how many times have you tried this only to fall short? You come up short of your growth goals while still working too many hours to enjoy life outside of the business.

That’s because research tells us that the most effective way to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be isn’t selecting the right methods and tactics. It’s changing our mindset and thinking differently about what’s possible in the first place.

Our brain is wired to keep us alive. And while that can certainly be valuable in life or death situations, it’s also responsible for holding you back when it comes to thriving in your business. 

It develops a system of limiting beliefs and stories that you’re subconsciously telling yourself without even realizing it. And it’s not until you bring these beliefs and stories to light that you can truly unleash your potential.

Stephanie Bogan works with advisors to master their mindset in order to take their business to a level they never thought possible.

Things You’ll Learn

  • Why 80% of success is based on mindset
  • How Stephanie’s experience with her mom shaped her thinking on the role of an advisor in the client relationship
  • The common mindset traps that advisors fall into (Example: agreeing to reduce fees)
  • The three tenets of every great client and how to make sure you aren’t wasting your time chasing prospective clients
  • Getting clients to co-invest in decisions and how it leads to higher levels of follow-through
  • “Conversations of Integrity” – giving clients the clarity they need rather than the advice you think they need

About Stephanie Bogan

Stephanie is an author, speaker, and the Founder and Chief Possibilities Officer of Limitless, where she helps financial advisors elevate their thinking, accelerate their success and enjoy the freedom. Stephanie built and sold a practice management consulting firm years ago before retiring and moving to Costa Rica. But, what she learned about the science of success while on the beach in Costa Rica changed her life. And it was so impactful, that she decided that she wanted to start another consulting business to help advisors see this change in their lives. 

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“Taking Agency Of Your Time For High-Performance Growth, Income, And Advisor Happiness” – Stephanie Bogan ( article)

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck

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