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Things You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of having a set of rules to govern future behavior and what that means in the context of financial planning and investments
  • The two types of financial plans everyone should have to improve behavior in the long-term
  • Why being human in a dynamic world actually makes us ill-equipped to handle the suitability process and what to do about it
  • There are numerous studies that show when numerous advisors are given the exact same client situation, there is an alarmingly wide array of vastly different recommendations.
  • The important distinction between “Diagnosis” and “Prescription” when working with a client
  • How technology can actually be the key to focusing more on behavior and the human side of the relationship
  • The problem with most risk assessment processes and questionnaires
  • A breakdown of the right way to assess risk tolerance and the three components of risk: Risk Tolerance, Risk Capacity, and Emotional Capacity
  • How to know if your risk assessment process is flawed
  • Why selling at the bottom is not illogical. It’s expensive.
  • The 3 people Greg would want to see at a roundtable discussion on behavior and psychology.
  • The one book he would recommend to an advisor or planner wanting to learn more about applying behavior
  • Where he sees the role of behavioral finance in our industry in 2030

About Greg Davies:

Greg is the Head of Behavior at Oxford Risk, a London-based company providing behavioral finance expertise and technology to advisors around the world.

In addition to starting the first ever behavioral finance team in the banking world while at Barclay’s, he’s a specialist in applied decision science, behavioral finance, and financial well-being. And, if that wasn’t already enough, he co-authored the book Behavioral Investment Management.

And, maybe most importantly, in my Twitter poll asking fellow advisors and planners who they would want to listen to at a roundtable discussion of behavioral finance, Greg was one of only a couple people whose name was mentioned numerous times.


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