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Episode Summary

Marketing is the lifeblood of any successful business.

And at the core of great marketing lies the ability to guide someone towards the desired outcome.

Therein lies the simple differentiator between successful and unsuccessful marketing.

Get the person to move towards the desired outcome and you’re successful.

Fail to move the person towards the desired outcome and you’ll fail.

If you’re like most financial advisors and advisory firms, you’ve experimented with some digital marketing ideas in hopes of supercharging your growth.

And, if you’re like most financial advisors and advisory firms, your experiments haven’t performed the way you expected. In fact, they’ve flopped and you’ve reverted back to the traditional means of networking and referrals.

You probably studied up on the importance of backlinks, meta tags, click funnels, SEO, paid ads, etc., etc.

And, while each of these play a vital role in a successful strategy, the problem is they overemphasize a focus on tactics and underemphasize a focus on the person.

The ability to influence and move someone towards the desired outcome starts first with an understanding of the person. Or, in other words, it begins with the human side of digital marketing.

Pairing the ability to build trust and connection digitally with behavioral design elements that influence and guide the desired behavior.

A digital marketing strategy built on the foundation of understanding the human side will revamp your results in a way that SEO could never imagine.

But, what are some of the most effective ways to build rapport, establish trust, make a good first impression, and design your digital presence to get these results?

Fortunately, Samantha Russell, is an expert on digital marketing for financial advisors and joined us to tell you everything you need to know.

Things You’ll Learn

  • What the #1 goal should be for your social media efforts that most advisors get wrong
  • How to balance being interesting and professional on social media
  • The key elements of website design that build instant trust and rapport
  • The most effective ways to implement authority, likability and social proof on your website
  • How to use the “5 Second Test” to test your website’s effectiveness and messaging
  • The importance of showing prospective clients what you want them to do rather than telling them
  • How digital marketing is evolving as financial planning and investments become commoditized
  • The reasons for and against marketing the value of behavioral coaching

About Samantha Russell

Unofficially, Samantha is the queen of digital marketing for financial advisors. More officially, Samantha helps financial advisors create digital marketing strategies that produce explosive growth through website development, content marketing, SEO, social media and video.

She was recently named to the InvestmentNews 40 Under 40 and Wealth Management’s “10 To Watch List” in 2020. If you haven’t seen her on stage or in one of the premier industry publications yet, you soon will.

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