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Episode Summary

As we’ve said before and continue to believe more and more with each passing day, your client’s financial success has more to do with what goes on in their mind than the amount of knowledge stored up in yours.

Of course, the challenge lies in the fact that it’s a lot harder to understand what’s going on in your client’s mind than it is to add to your arsenal of impressive investment knowledge. It’s easier to construct a financial plan than to deconstruct your client’s emotions.

One helpful way to understand what’s going on inside your client’s mind is to literally have them placed into a brain scanner to see exactly what happens in their mind when exposed to money. And that’s what Graeme Newell has been doing with people for most of his career.

But he doesn’t stop there. He takes what the brain science research says is happening in people’s minds and pairs it with practical advice on what to do about it to improve client’s decision-making and behavior.

As we know, the best technical advice is useless in the absence of execution. Thus, it’s critically important to understand both what goes on in your client’s mind and what to do about it in order to fully implement the plan.

Things You’ll Learn

  • Why people make such bad money mistakes and some things we can do to ensure smarter money decisions
  • The role of evolutionary psychology in shaping the brain and how it still affects us to this day
  • The most common cognitive biases to be aware of and prepare for
  • How our brains make decisions about risk and how we can help someone who is either risk-averse or overconfident
  • How fear hijacks our brain when making important decisions
  • Whether people actually make better money decisions when relying on advice from others rather than managing their own account

About Graeme Newell

Graeme Newell is an author, speaker and the president of 602 Communications, a brain science research and consulting firm that specializes in behavioral finance. He shows audiences how to use the latest brain science insights to make smarter decisions. He teaches business leaders how to make smarter investing choices, close more business and avoid costly mistakes.

Using brain scanning machines such as EEGs and MRIs, he gets direct feedback on the effectiveness of human decision making. Graeme doesn’t just ask customers their preferences, he peers inside their brains to see which emotion centers are lit up.

Graeme has delivered more than 800 speeches at events in 25 countries around the world. His presentations are filled with fascinating tech, games, prizes and fun interactions that show how to use behavioral finance techniques to optimize decision making. Most importantly, he leaves audiences with a toolkit of actionable tactics they can put to use right on the front lines.

Graeme Newell has done speaking, research and consulting for corporations across the globe, including: GE, Disney, Sony, CBS, Madison Square Garden, Comcast, and Universal Studios.

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