The value and future of financial advice is currently facing a crossroads as it shifts towards blending technical advice with the ability to change behavior.

In this episode, Brendan tells the story of a client meeting he observed that helped shine a light on the forces causing this shift and why most advisors and advisory businesses simply aren’t equipped to evolve and take advantage.

Using this meeting as the lens, he explores:

  • Why the future of advice will be more focused on guiding clients through the process and changing behavior for the better
  • How heart bypass surgeries, entrepreneurs, obesity, and marriages teach us that providing information and advice will never be a sustainable value proposition
  • How pairing technical expertise and the human side of money provides massive benefits to your clients and your business
  • The immense gap that exists between the skill set advisors possess and the skill set they need to evolve with this shift in value towards the human side of money
  • What advisors can learn from hostage negotiators and therapists in this quest for a new skill set