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Episode Summary

The perfect plan is rendered useless in the absence of execution.

You can know the intimate details of someone’s values, hopes, dreams and fears and pair that with flawless technical advice in the form of the best financial plan and portfolio ever created. Yet, if the advice is never implemented, none of it matters.

The job of a financial advisor or planner both now and in the future isn’t simply to dispense the advice, pat yourself on the back and walk away as if your job is done. It’s to help the person or the couple follow-through on your advice by implementing and executing the items you’ve laid out that solve the problems you’ve identified.

While it seems like showing someone the exact steps they need to take to accomplish their goals and vision for their life would be all that’s needed to spur someone into action, any advisor reading this can immediately think of at least one client (and likely dozens) who they have routinely called and emailed to ensure they send in their tax return, organize their monthly spending, signed their paperwork, updated their beneficiaries, etc.

The gap between knowing and doing is miles apart.

Imagine if your clients always followed through and executed on everything you advised without ever having to call or email to follow up…

Obviously, your clients would get better results, be happier, stay longer and refer more.

You would certainly have freed up mass amounts of time every single day that you could then spend doing anything else (hanging out with your family, growing the business, running the business, etc.).

But, maybe the most unheralded benefit is the mental relief you’d experience. No more jumping out of bed in the middle of the night wondering, “Did Cameron remember to fully fund his SEP?!?”

Fortunately, constant follow-up and reminding clients aren’t the only path to implementation and follow-through.

In fact, by better understanding what makes financial advice difficult to implement, accepting your role as an “adherence partner,” and applying a proven behavior change framework to your conversations, you’ll instantly improve the “stickiness” of your advice to deliver better outcomes for clients and forever change the trajectory of your business.

Things You’ll Learn

  • The parallels between medical advice and financial advice and what we can learn from the medical research on the challenges of “adherence” to advice and how to give advice that sticks
  • What the research says about an advice-giver’s responsibility on client outcomes (Hint: it’s way more important that you think!)
  • Why simply dispensing your advice for a fee without regard for implementation is outdated and costly
  • How improving follow-through and implementation benefits not just your business but your well-being
  • The most common reason clients fail to follow through on their tasks and an effective way to overcome
  • A specific approach to guide clients through the process of identifying the barriers preventing them from implementing
  • The importance of accepting that financial decisions are neither rational nor irrational
  • The unquantifiable but massive benefits for advisors and their businesses that result from improving follow-through and implementation
  • A proven method to help get through the friction of the data gathering process
  • The best predictor of future behavior (which you’ll never guess) and the role advisors play in fostering it

About Moira Somers

Dr. Moira Somers is a psychologist, speaker, and international best-selling author with an expertise in neuroscience, financial psychology, and behavior change. And, fortunately, for those in the world of financial services, she channels all of that expertise into better understanding people and how they behave with money.

In addition to writing Advice That Sticks: How to Give Financial Advice People Will Follow, Moira work with financial professionals and institutions around the world to distill and implement practical ways to deliver advice in a way that improves implementation and follow-through. In other words, she teaches people how to deliver “stickier” advice.

And, now that the demand for her coaching services has exceeded her personal capacity to help one-on-one, Moira has launched an online, self-paced course for anyone that wants to learn the principles Moira teaches on the path to deliver advice that sticks.


Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways I can help you master the human side of advice:

  1. HSOA Masterclass: An 8-week group program on building trust & connection, aligning money and life, and delivering frictionless advice.
  2. The Ultimate Discovery Meeting: A proven framework to seamlessly convert prospects into life-long clients in one meeting.
  3. HSOA Community (COMING SOON!): An online space to meet, collaborate, discuss, brainstorm, learn and grow with other advisors passionate about the human side of advice

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