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Episode Summary

*This is the part two of my conversation with Evan. Here’s a link to part one if you haven’t heard it yet!

Think back to the last meeting you had with a prospective client.

No matter how many times you’ve conducted this meeting, it’s always a dance of building rapport, establishing trust, and demonstrating your skills and abilities (and/or your firm’s) to let them know that you’re the answer to all of their financial issues and financial dreams.

Think back to the last time you were meeting with a long-standing client where you were revisiting the same item or the same issue that you’ve pleaded with them to resolve numerous times over the past year (and maybe even more!).

You’ve mentioned that they need to cut back their spending three times. You’ve tried illustrating three different ways the impact that saving a little bit more will have on their future. Yet, nothing has changed.

Now, imagine how much easier it would be to seamlessly convert a prospect into a life-long client and get your current client to follow through on your advice if you could get a glimpse into their mind.

You would know exactly what it is that your prospective client values and wants from you. And, if you know that, you would easily have a near 100% conversion rate.

You would also know exactly what it is that your clients need to hear in order to act or the barrier(s) that are preventing them from already taking action. And, if you know that, you’d never waste any time following up for the third time.

Fortunately for us, Morningstar and the Financial Planning Association conducted a study of investors that did just that! As we discuss in the conversation, advisors have essentially been given the answers to the test.

However, simply knowing what goes on in the mind’s of a client or prospective client is one thing. Knowing how to tailor your entire practice around it is another thing altogether.

In this two-part conversation, Evan Beach joined us on the show to explain how they have improved client relationships and ignited their business development efforts by taking the results of this study and tailoring their processes, systems, and conversations around what clients and prospects actually value.

Things You’ll Learn

  • A 5-minute exercise their firm has clients complete that converts nearly every prospect to a client
  • The changes Evan made to his meeting process to focus on what the client wants and values that led to a massive boost in business development
  • The questions that they ask every one in their first meeting to lay the groundwork for success
  • Why their firm focuses on retiring “to” something rather than retiring “from”
  • The reason why he has clients state their goals publicly as many times as possible
  • How they intentionally-designed their agenda for a wildly successful second meeting
  • Why Evans focuses on creating a positive experience and the specific things they do to make it happen
  • How to handle conversations with clients who think that the main value they get from working with you is to maximize their investment returns
  • Why Evan strives to make stories such an integral piece of every client and prospect conversation
  • The exact stories that he’s learned to tell that resonate most with both clients and prospects

About Evan Beach

Evan Beach is the Director of Wealth Advisory for Campbell Wealth Management, an RIA firm in Alexandria, VA with around $800 million assets under management exclusively for people 55 years old and up. In addition to working with a handful of clients, Evan is responsible for business development and client education, specifically the implementation of systems and processes throughout the firm.

He’s also a contributing columnist for Kiplinger and the Journal of Financial Planning, having become widely renown in the industry for his expertise in retirement planning and practice management.



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