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Episode Summary

Love and money are two emotional subjects on their own.

And one HIGHLY emotional subject when combined together.

Next time you meet with a couple, think about these numbers:

  • 70% have disagreed about their financial situation
  • 73% say finances are a source of tension in their relationship
  • 47% say this tension has impacted the intimacy with their partner

Money is an emotionally-charged topic that you simply can’t avoid in a relationship.

In this episode, Dr. Sonya Lutter provides a guide for everything advisors need to know about love and money.

Things You’ll Learn

  • Why your presence alone is a competitive advantage
  • Why conflict increases when women are the breadwinners
  • How advisors can help clients live their life with more intention
  • Why most financial arguments boil down to a discrepancy in values
  • Why uncovering money scripts can transform finances in the relationship
  • The surprising connection between joint accounts and relationship satisfaction
  • Why clients who work with a financial advisor are 3x happier than those who don’t
  • Eye-opening research on the influence of financial arguments and relationship satisfaction

About Sonya Lutter, Ph.D., CFP®, LMFT

Dr. Sonya Lutter is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and licensed marriage and family therapist. She serves as the inaugural Director of Financial Health and Wellness with Texas Tech University’s School of Financial Planning where she leads curriculum and continuing education opportunities in the areas of financial psychology, financial therapy, and financial behavior.

Dr. Lutter is also the owner of ENLITE where she helps bridge the gap between mental health and financial planning. Dr. Lutter served on the editorial advisory board that produced the CFP Board’s newest book, “The Psychology of Financial Planning.” Her developmental work in financial therapy is summarized in Financial Therapy: Theory, Research, and Practice with co-editors and she is the author of A Couples Guide to Love & Money: 15 Exercises to Strengthen Your Relationship.

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